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Flex Plan

Welcome to the Flex Plan

We have found that completing 6 credits in a 365 day period isn't realistic in some circumstances.  Students are confronted with many opportunities and issues throughout the world today which may affect their pace of graduating within the typical 4-year cycle.  We have created the Flex Plan for these incredible individuals so they can create their own path to graduation. Families on the Flex Plan can purchase one course at a time during their year-long enrollment period, while still having access to one of our highly trained Personalized Education Coaches on an ongoing basis.

Tuition is an initial $445.00 registration fee plus $137.50 per month ongoing tuition payment. Then, a discounted Individual Course tuition fee per semester course is paid at the time the student is ready to add a new course to their schedule. The fee depends on the student's grade level explained below. The course fee must be paid prior to taking a new course.

When you pay the registration fee and first month's tuition payment you will automatically be enrolled in our Foundations in Personalized Learning course. Please Note: If you would like to receive credit for Foundations in Personalized Learning, you must pay the course fee of $450 prior to the course completion.


Notice Regarding Enrollments for the 2020-2021 School Year

All Semester enrollments are now closed along with enrollments for K-8. For staff planning purposes, we are only able to accept full year enrollments for grades 9-12. Sibling enrollments in grades K-8 will be given priority enrollment status..

We have also reached our initial cap for enrollment and will be implementing a Priority Enrollment Waitlist for students interested in attending CMASAS starting now through September 30th, 2020. There will be a limited number of enrollments that we will be able to process between now and September 30th, 2020.

To be placed on the Priority Enrollment Waitlist the following will be required:

  • Registration Fee Payment (non-refundable)
  • Tuition Plan and initial month payment (refundable)
  • Registration Form completed

Once all three of these have been completed, the student will be placed on our Priority Enrollment Waitlist and the parents will be contacted when an opening is available (between now and September 30th) in the order of received above items. This waitlist will be limited to 50 spaces after which enrollment will be closed.

Flex Plan Year Registration


Annual Registration Fee +


Per Month (12 months)

Pay By Credit Card

Request to Pay By Echeck

Course Fee

High School: $450

Middle School: $400

Elementary: $375

per semester course

Pay By Credit Card

Request to Pay By Echeck

Credit Card Processing

All enrollment plans provide Foundations in Personalized Learning as the initial course and count toward the total number of credits/courses for the plan selected.

Payments include a 3% convenience fee.  Payments may be made by echeck or wire without the 3% convenience fee.  Please contact our office for payment/invoicing options.

  • Algebra I and World Language courses may be taken at the 8th grade level for high school credit for an additional $100/semester course fee.
  • Tuition must be paid in full at time of graduation or withdrawal.
  • Courses receiving an Incomplete or Withdrawal count toward enrollment credit and appear on transcript as credit attempted but not completed. See our Policies page for more information. Requires 30-day withdrawal notice for all options.