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Are you accredited?

Yes. We are regionally and internationally accredited by the International and Trans-regional Division of the Northwest Accreditation Commission. Please visit the Accreditation page for more details.

Can students from any state or from countries outside the U.S. attend CMA SAS?

Yes. We are regionally and internationally accredited, allowing us to serve students in all states as well as in countries throughout the world.

When are students able to enroll?

Students can enroll any time throughout the year. As a year-round school with flexible scheduling to match student needs, a student can enroll and begin classes at any time.

How do students enroll?

Students can enroll any time. Please visit the Admissions page for more details.

What days/times are classes?

Instruction is asynchronous, meaning that students can access their classes 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, selecting days and times that work best for them. Meanwhile, live interaction and assistance is available from instructors and educational facilitators, using technology such as Skype and a live online classroom with a virtual whiteboard, microphone, webcam, and more. Instructors and PECs have set times each week in the online classroom and also available outside those times by appointment.

What is the cost of tuition?

Visit the Online Gold Enrollment Option page for current tuition rates.

Can students graduate early?

Yes, students who move at an accelerated pace, completing more than six credits per year, can graduate upon meeting the graduation requirements.

What are the graduation requirements?

Please visit the High School Graduation Requirements page for the list of requirements.

Are your students able to go to college?

Yes! Most of our students are college/university-bound, and students have been accepted into a variety of colleges, including competitive universities. Please view the counseling page for a partial list of colleges where recent graduates have been accepted.

Can a student transfer in credits already completed at another school?

Yes. We can transfer in credits from public schools, accredited private schools, and other academic programs that are accredited by a recognized accreditation agency. We can then determine how many credits the student still needs to meet the graduation requirements and create a personalized learning plan.

How does it work for students taking only one or two classes at a time? I mean, how do they ever finish?

As soon as a student finishes one class, he or she then begins another one immediately. For example, a student completing one class at a time might only take about a month per course; another student taking two classes at a time might complete the set in a couple months, or might stretch one class over a longer period of time while completing the other class more quickly (and immediately adding a new class at that time). View the Learning Model for a diagram of how this flexible scheduling works.

Do you have a school calendar? What about holidays or vacation time?

We have an academic calendar that lists the days that offices will be closed to allow staff vacation time. However, students still have access to their classes 365 days per year. Meanwhile, students and their families take vacations at times most convenient for them.

Do you offer AP or honors courses?

Yes, we offer both AP and honors courses. Our Honorable Honors program is very popular as it allows students to engage in activities worthy of inclusion on a resume or college application.

Can I make up credits for my current school through your program?

Yes. Students can attend our program to gain additional credits to transfer back to their home high school. Also, for classes previously-taken but not passed, students can benefit from our Credit Recovery program.

How do you compare to other schools?

View the Personalized Education Components Chart for helpful guidance in comparing academic programs to determine which will best meet your needs. You are also encouraged to visit the Learning Model page for an overview of how the program works, and to view the Personalized Education Philosophy to understand the basis for the program.


Please feel free to contact with any questions you don't see answered above. You can call or email for additional information.