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Exploring Synesthesia: What Color is Tuesday?

06 Jul

Exploring Synesthesia: What Color is Tuesday?

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

“I’m going to the store on Tuesday.” When you read that, did Tuesday have color? When you speak it, does the word taste like something distinctive in your mouth? If so, you may be part of the 4% of the population that has Synesthesia.

Richard E. Cytowic’s compelling TED-ed animation entitled “What Color is Tuesday?” digs a little deeper into what Synesthesia is. He tells us, Synesthesia “couples two or more senses… a Synesthete might not only hear my voice, but also see it, taste it, or feel it as a physical touch.”

Synesthesia tends to manifest in supremely creative individuals. Famous examples of Synesthetes are Billy Joel and Lady Gaga. Cytowic describes Synesthesia as: “a trait, like having blue eyes, rather than a disorder, because there’s nothing wrong. In fact, all the extra hooks endow synesthetes with superior memories.”

The overlap of multiple senses can allow for incredible works of art, but there is a caveat. Due to the heightened nature of multiple senses operating in tandem, high sensitivity to sensory situations and the world at large can occur, compelling Synesthetes to find ways to harness and channel their sensory gifts. If you or someone you love has Synesthesia, we invite you to join us July 18th for our upcoming webinar discussing skills and strategies for Highly Sensitive People, Synesthesia, and Empathy. See details below!

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