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Are you Interested in learning more about Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences, including previewing some of the curriculum within our learning management system?

We've put together a comprehensive look of our core curriculum and elective courses so that you can make a truly educated decision if Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences is the right choice for you and your family. At CMA School of Arts and Sciences, we do more than just allow you to view a video montage of the latest technologies, animation, and games used in course development. We give you actual access into our learning management system (LMS) to navigate through our LMS environment in the same way that our students do to complete their coursework. If you are looking for a specific course and don't see a sample lesson, please contact our office to request a personalized tour of the course you are interested in taking.

We provide access to Elementary, Middle, and High School level sample lessons from each subject area (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies), as well as access to learn more about our educational philosophy, educational support for students, and some of the research behind our Personalized Education Learning Model. Please complete the form below to receive instant access to take a tour of CMASAS.

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