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The Difference Between Student Travel Over Vacationing (The Perks of Being an Online High School Student)

10 Sep

The Difference Between Student Travel Over Vacationing (The Perks of Being an Online High School Student)

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Jun 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine
Around this time of the year, our students from all over the world begin to plan summer vacation. "What to do" is the question many ask. This blog post helps students take a look at travel as a learning experience instead of vacations. Don't get us wrong, sometimes we all need a vacation and a break away from studying can serve us well. Sometimes, however, we can dig deep into our travel to enhance our lives beyond what vacationing can offer. 

Molly is excited about her upcoming online high school experience. As an over-achiever in both elementary and junior high school, her well-rounded personality and active lifestyle led to a keen interest in figure skating. Academics are still at the forefront in her world, but she excels in her extracurricular activity to the point of being recruited to pursue professional figure skating full-time.

Molly's parents were thrilled after their initial skepticism wore off, and they've vowed to help their only child get the help she needs for online educational courses during the course of her early career. One of the only challenges has been the travel demands associated with figure skating, so Molly and her support system are looking for ways to make her life less stressful when she's away from home. 

Many students with strenuous travel schedules for extracurricular activities are in Molly's position. When it comes to online high school, it's important to understand all the factors that make up the difference between student travel and regular vacations. Check out these helpful facts that will guide you in the right direction. 

Benefits of Student Travel 

• Traveling for educational purposes during independent study is an adventure that brings the materials in textbooks to life. 

• Global exposure is priceless and fosters a deep appreciation for individuals from all walks of life. 

• Studying abroad can arm students with the academic tools they need to have a competitive edge over others during the college admissions process. 

• Students enjoy well-rounded experiences that help them become more self-aware and able to determine which future career choices are good fits for them. 

• The high level of independence associated with student travel builds leadership skills. 

3 Ways Student Travel Differs from Vacationing 

• Students can gain academic credit.

Those involved in educational travel can qualify for high school credit. Some programs enable minors to study abroad as youth ambassadors and, since their values are usually in alignment with traditional schools, students are rewarded for their participation. Regular vacations, on the other hand, don't offer anything that can be used toward an individual's education. 

• Student travel often involves some type of community service. 

Student travel isn't about lounging on a beach or sight-seeing. Although trips may certainly provide time for relaxing activities, there's also usually a component that requires students to engage in community-oriented ventures. 

• Student travel is more likely to have a set itinerary. 

Standard vacationing may or may not require travelers to follow a schedule. However, student travel typically has participants adhere to an itinerary in the same way that those enrolled in online high school stick to a curriculum. 

Education doesn't have to be defined by four walls, a desk, textbooks, and a chalkboard. Student travel is an excellent way for those involved with e-learning to broaden their horizons. Consult with a representative from an online training program today and learn how to become part of this amazing opportunity. 

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