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Develop a Winner’s Mindset: Advice from Jon Taffer and Tony Robbins

16 Oct

Develop a Winner’s Mindset: Advice from Jon Taffer and Tony Robbins

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Do you have a large goal you’d like to see realized, such as going pro before finishing high school? @Entrepreneur’s video entitled “Develop a Winner’s Mindset: Advice from Jon Taffer and Tony Robbins” shares three ways anyone can start changing their story right now and reach the success of their dreams, simply by tweaking their mindset.

The first step, according to Jon Taffer, is to learn that there are no excuses. In his work around the world, he found the common denominator of failure was always excuses. Those who blamed those around them, their environment, or any other mitigating factor on not reaching their goals were more likely to fail. Those who took ownership over their own failures, however, were able to learn from them and grow each setback into success.

Second, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur Tony Robbins, let us in on the secret of cultivating that winner’s mindset.

Robbins says, “Strategies don’t change you. Implementation does. And people often don’t implement because they have a missing story-- or worse, they have a disempowering story; a belief that says: I’ve tried everything. So I tell people: divorce your story and marry the truth. The truth is what’s really possible, and you find someone who’s already getting the results you want-- finding: what do they believe?”

Finally Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates says her measure of success is to always compete only against herself. By comparing yourself not to others but to where you were yesterday, a week ago, or even a year ago, you can measure real growth and keep your mindset on the wins you make, instead of how far you have to go to measure up to an idol or role model.

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