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Demi Lovato Turned to School at Home Because of Bullying

15 Dec

Demi Lovato Turned to School at Home Because of Bullying

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Bullying is one of the many reasons students seek out CMASAS. To be bullied is a disempowering, often traumatic experience during a critical time when students are building their identity and shaping how they view the world. Often times, the person being bullied feels like they’re being singled out, questioning why they’re being punished when they’ve done nothing wrong. And they’re not alone.

Since her rise to fame, Singer/Actress Demi Lovato has been very outspoken about her experience with bullying, one that actually prompted her to leave her school.

In a series of interviews where Lovato shared her bullying story, she said: “People were calling me names and calling me fat and calling me this and that, and people believe that words don’t really mean that much. And that, oh, people are just saying this, and that it doesn’t mean anything. But words can be really powerful, and it caused a lot of problems for me to this day that I still struggle with.”

As a result of her bullying, Lovato struggled with cutting, anorexia, and bulimia as a desperate attempt to cope. Finally, she turned to homeschooling to remove herself from the toxic environment that was affecting her mental and physical health. However, for many families, homeschooling just isn’t an option.

That’s where we come in.

Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences is a fully accredited and international online school created under the ethos of offering each student a personalized education. Our program is tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of each individual child, because unlike traditional schools, we believe no student should have to fit into another person’s mold. From the courses you take to the time you need to complete assignments, our self-paced student-based design honors each student’s unique genius.

At CMASAS, we’re proud to offer a safe space where students can take control of their education and grow into the unique, remarkable people they’re destined to be. After all, the only thing you SHOULD be is YOU. You’re the only one who can.