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Dear Graduate, Love CMASAS

25 Apr

Dear Graduate, Love CMASAS

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

Dear graduate,

Trust me for a moment and do a crazy thing.

Close your eyes and breathe. Breathe deep, big, bigger than you are used to.

Listen to the air move up and down your throat, massaging your inner body as it moves. As you listen to your breath remember this, you are alive, you are well.

>Now do another crazy thing.

Go outside. Don’t wear shoes.

Feel the earth beneath your toes, go ahead and wiggle them like when you were a child.  Notice the air on your skin, is the wind moving today? Maybe do another crazy thing and close your eyes while you wiggle your toes and notice the air. What can you hear? Cars, people, bugs? Remember that you are not alone. You are so small beneath the canopy of a million stars and rather insignificant beneath the beaming sun, but you are never alone.

Now go back inside, wherever you are and remember to breathe and notice the air and listen to the world around you. If any one practice could serve you so well during this crazy time, I believe it to be this: breathe and be still.

You’re about to graduate high school. It’s been a crazy journey hasn’t it? You’ve overcome a million obstacles and have accomplished so much. No really, you have. You’ve accomplished so much. And now a chapter of the story is ending and so many moving parts are rushing around in your life, options are coming at you sideways and the unknown is bigger than ever before.

Remember to breathe and be still.

You’ve learned so much about yourself, you’ve discovered your passions, you are on the brink of determining what your life is all meant to be. Remember to breathe and know that life is a journey. You will always have more of yourself to discover, your passions, interests and devotions will change, your purpose in life will slowly be revealed.

And everything will work out just fine.

This time of transition is confusing, scary, really overwhelming at times. Remember to be still. Trust yourself and your foundation. Call out to the people who you love and trust. They will never forget you, they are your solid ground.

As you contemplate the stars and listen to the wind and consider the ground below your feet, know that the world is big, and there is room for you. Room for your joy, doubt, optimism, insecurity. There is room for the true you, so just keep trying hard at being yourself.

>As  you finish up high school this month and celebrate new beginnings, remember that everyone starts somewhere, and you’ll get to where you’re going someday. Wherever the journey takes you, no matter what you’ll have to cross — your breath gives you stability, the ground beneath you keeps you strong, people are all around to love and support you, stillness can be your sanctuary.

Never forget your inner peace. Know that the best is yet to come.