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Is Our Curriculum Aligned to the Common Core?

Not intentionally. We select a variety of curriculum resources to meet student needs, as opposed to meeting any current trend in public education. As an accredited private school, we have the freedom to focus on each individual student’s needs to provide a high-quality education.

Our curriculum is designed with texts prior to the adoption of the Common Core by most states. With that said, due to repeated requests, we did look at how well our courses aligned to Common Core and found that we exceeded the Common Core requirements while not having the negative impacts found with certain aspects of the Common Core. We select a curriculum based on its potential value as one of many resources we make available for our students to use in their learning programs without regard to it being aligned to the Common core.

What Curriculum Do You Use?

The majority of courses offered through CMASAS are designed by Personalized Education Group, Inc. using a variety of resources and curricula. We do not subscribe to a single publisher but instead gather from multiple sources, and we are continuously looking for new resources to add to our library.

What Curriculum or Learning Resources Do You Currently Use?

We offer more than what you see on the list below, these are the most-commonly used items:

Diagnostic Assessments

All full-time students are encouraged to take the following assessments at time of enrollment and at the end of each enrollment period for up to 3 times per year:

  • EdPerformance by Scantron
  • Epiphany Learning (Learning Styles Assessment)

Selected Streaming Video

One or more of which could be included in PEG and partner created courses.

  • Great Courses
  • Learn360
  • Personalized Education Group
  • Visual Learning Company
  • Thinkwell

Animated Modules with Interactive/Supportive Content

One or more of which could be included in PEG and partner created courses.

  • Explore Learning Gizmos
  • Arbordale Publishing
  • BrainPop
  • Learning.com
  • MadCap Logic’s Creativity Express
  • TypingTraining.com

Reference Libraries

Available to full-time students enrolled in our Gold level or our homeschool enrollment options.

  • GALE Reference Database Library
  • GALE Testing & Education Reference Library

World Language Options

  • MIddlebury Languages
  • Rosetta Stone 

Selected Online Texts and Related Resources

  • Cengage
  • Holt
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Others

Blended Learning Options for Elementary

Other Curriculum & Resources – varies by individual student activities and needs

  • Community Connections and Resources
  • Online Learning Object Repositories
  • Work-based and Internship Opportunities

How Does a Student Know What Curriculum to Use?

Classes vary,  with most being designed with the following parts for each learning unit: learning goals, resources to learn, and choices for demonstrating that learning. A student moves through the course, from top to bottom, selecting from the choices available. Student can also suggest alternate assignments to demonstrate learning of the assignment's objective, just so long mastery of learning can be shown.

Can a Family Choose to Use Other Curriculum Not Currently Provided By the School?

Yes. A family who purchased their own curriculum and wants to use this as part of the learning process may do so; again, all that matters is demonstration of learning and meeting the objectives in the course competencies.