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The Creative Zone

27 Sep

The Creative Zone

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

When we sit down to create something, we have high hopes for what it will be. We are invested-- we must be-- because something we care nothing for will have no value, and as such, would not be worth the effort. What we create often feels like an extension of ourselves, a hidden piece of us we extend out for others to see.

So when the creation process gets tangled, hits a snag, or our vision for how to proceed goes dark, and we can’t see our way out, we mourn. We criticize. We think we’ve failed.

We haven’t.

Actually, we’ve just hit one specific, necessary point in the creative cycle: the low point.

When we have high aspirations for our creations, it’s natural to want to rush to the end to see the finished product. We want our process to look like a straight line, shooting up into the air like a firework. However, it’s important to recognize the cycle of the creative zone.

In the creative cycle, there will always be a high point, a low point, and a turn-around. Once we accept this as part of the process, it becomes easier to not be discouraged when we hit the low point.

This exquisitely shot video by SoSonia shows how to recognize the cycle of the creative zone, and what to do when you feel stuck.

What about you? What would you create today if you knew you couldn’t fail?