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Course Highlight: Learn Web Design Skills and Practice Creativity

20 Sep

Course Highlight: Learn Web Design Skills and Practice Creativity

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

Our primary goal at CMASAS is to provide students with excellent online school courses that empower, inspire and prepare them to live remarkable lives. One of the ways we help set online high school students up for success is through Career and Technical Education Courses. These courses give online school students insight and in-depth training into numerous careers and skilled trades.

In a series of blog posts we’ll be taking a look at several of these Career and Technical Education Courses, seeking to inspire students to take some these remarkable courses.

One such course is Web Design, instructed by Tami Warnick. Read this brief interview with her to discover her passion for web design and what students can expect from taking the course.

Q: The course catalog describes Web Design as "giving students a voice on the internet." Can you give us an example of how designing a website could give individuals a voice?

 A: The web design course gives students the opportunity to create a website based on a topic of their choosing.  This allows the student to express themselves and their passions through their site.  For example, one student that I worked with rides equestrian. She chose to create a site for her horse stable. She was able to show her passion for horses and riding through text and images and also provide a valuable resource for her stable.

Q: Oftentimes we think of web designers as geeky computer people, but perhaps that isn't always true. How much of web design do think is very technical and how much of it is creative? Do you think web design could be used as a creative outlet?

 A: Designing web sites is a very creative process.  Although, there is a technical side to web design there are enough programs out there that a student doesn't have to be technically minded to design a fantastic website.  Some online school students do like the programming side of web design and so they focus on that side of it and others are very creative and enjoy just working on the layouts, colors and look of the site without worrying about the programming.  There are enough software programs out there that will allow for both types of students to really dive in and learn and explore both sides of creating a web site.  I typically use the software Dreamweaver to create web sites but have had students use Weebly, Wordpress and other options.

Q: What sort of career could people with web design skills get into? What types of companies hire web designers?

A: I think that web designers could work for any company that they were interested in.  Most companies today wouldn't survive without a web presence.  Students with web design skills could work in any field from education to big commercial companies.  In fact having web design skills can even just be an added bonus for any student that is looking at other types of careers.  As a teacher, I created my first website for my students in my Chemistry course to be able to access assignment, lectures, and make-up work.  I hadn't received any formal training but it added value to my teaching career.

Q: How does this course aid students looking for a career in web design? What can students expect to learn?

A: This course gives online school students the foundations of web design and is a building block for other courses they may take in pursuit of a web design career.  Students can expect to learn the basic principles of design.  Also, students will learn the basics of HTML and CSS, programming codes.  This course is a very customized course for students.  Some students choose to dive deeper into the programming side and really want to learn HTML/CSS and Javascript.  Other students prefer to stay on the design side and learn how to use an editing program that will take care of the code for them and then dive deeper into design, photographs, and multimedia types of elements for web pages.  The student is the director of their learning in this course.

Q: What if I have no experience in web design and barely know how to use a computer, should I still take the Web Design course? How might the skills I learn benefit a person like me?

A: Anyone can learn to create a web page.  If a student has a desire to learn more about computers, design, and the world wide web then this is a great course.  Because online school students take an active part in choosing and creating the direction that they will take through this course, they can start from the very basics or from a more advanced knowledge.  Students not only learn web design skills but they also learn to use the internet and to think logically and creatively.  Online school students will benefit from the task of thinking and working out the logistics of a site before they actually begin creating it. They will also learn some fundamental computer skills along the way.