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Connected Community - How CMASAS Is Set Apart From The Rest

11 May

Connected Community - How CMASAS Is Set Apart From The Rest

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Kimberly White

Sometimes a mission just sits on a wall but CMASAS’s philosophy is embedded in multiple things. ~AdvancedEd

Tamra Excell, co-founder of CMASAS and our program designer, recently returned from meetings where the school’s accreditation was reviewed and renewed, receiving wide support from the accreditation team AdvancedEd. 

During the renewal process, Tamra realized both for herself and from the remarks of others that CMASAS is a truly unique online school because of the connections that have been fostered. 

“We’re not just a school,” Tamra says. “We have been called a “chosen family” of eclectic individuals. United in that we’re different. United in compassion. Connected.”

Cultivating unity and connection can be a difficult thing when staff, students, and families expand the globe. Yet through meaningful interactions with Personalized Education Coaches, regional meetups, annual graduation celebrations, weekly homerooms, clubs, and staff checkins — students and staff alike have attested  to how connected CMASAS has become. 

Tamra and others at the accreditation meetings remarked on how that connection often begins before a person becomes a part of the school. 

“It starts even before they get here,” said Tina, a team lead of AdvancedEd. “They get to talk to friendly voices on the phone, and they get their questions answered, and they get their fears addressed…”

Every step of the way, from when a student first becomes interested in CMASAS to graduation or the completion of their courses, the community of staff and instructors surround each individual with support and guidance. The school’s administrators have the privilege of talking with so many parents and students, listening to their concerns, their desires and needs from schooling, and their educational dreams. Even if CMASAS is not the solution for every individual, our community still strives to encourage and serve everyone they encounter and make recommendations for other schools. We’re all connected and that connection is honored, whether an individual is in the CMASAS community or not. 

“That’s a critical component on why students are successful in this school,” Tina concluded. “They really are supported individually by multiple people. And that just makes all the difference.”

Yes. Yes it does. Our community of educators thanks you for the opportunity of building a vibrant connected family.