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CMASAS Tutoring Advantage

CMASAS Tutor Advantage Program


The vast majority of our students work without a tutor while utilizing our instructional support staff throughout their years at CMASAS.  A few of our students enjoy having a tutor work with them every step of the way within a course and across all their courses.  CMASAS recommends an in home (face-to-face) tutoring service.  However, for those students who prefer an online tutor, CMASAS may be able to provide tutoring services.

Our course instructors meet with students regularly to assist with specific questions regarding an assignment or to help understand a particularly difficult concept.  While this support is enough for many students, we have found that some students may need a more intensive instructional support system with a particularly difficult course or subject.  Introducing CMASAS Tutoring Advantage.

With the CMASAS Tutoring Advantage, our tutors provide a more personalized approach to tutoring for those who need additional assistance beyond the instructional support provided by an instructor.

CMASAS Tutors motivate and encourage students to work through challenges and complete coursework in a timely manner. CMASAS Tutors focus their attention on improving students' understanding of concepts and help to infuse and sharpen skills in all subject areas.

The CMASAS tutor advantage includes tutors who have a broad knowledge of CMASAS curriculum, are in direct contact with student instructors and PECs, and are highly skilled in working with students in a personalized setting.

Students will be able to access tutoring services during days and times that fit into their own schedule based on tutor availability. Student accounts will be checked to verify that tutoring services have been activated on the student account and that funds are available for the time requested.

You can choose to pay for 1 hour at a time or purchase multiple hours at a discounted price.  Billing is completed in 15 minute increments and all tutoring sessions are completed within Adobe Connect with date and time stamps to track student tutoring accounts.  Visit our Individual Course Tuition Page and add your tutoring package today.


Tutor Pricing*

Purchase any package and take up to 365 days to use tutoring hours purchased.  

*24 hour advanced noticed required for all cancellations for scheduled tutoring sessions.  Effective January 3rd, 2017 a $50.00 no show/cancellation fee applies for all no shows/cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance.

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