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CMASAS - An Online Learning Community for Today's Students

Welcome to CMASAS Learning Community where students from around the world come together and Touch the Future! We are not your typical online school. We deliver what other online programs don't - a personalized learning experience tailored to each individual student!  We differentiate ourselves from other online schools by not just making the ordinary exceptional, but through our Personalized Education Philosophy which drives everything we do.  AdvancEd recognized this difference in their exit report from their recent accreditation visit in April 2016.

"Sometimes a mission just sits on a wall...but yet really we heard that personalized learning, focus on individual student needs, over and over again, whether we were talking about how kids come into the system, or...how your curriculum was developed... pretty much everything that you do is really focused on how you strengthen that.  And that is HUGE!   And that is to be commended."

~ AdvancEd Accreditation Committee

"I do a lot of digital learning, and this is one of the strongest student induction processes I've seen.  It's harder for kids to not be successful that it is for them to be successful.  You've made it almost impossible for them to not succeed."

~ AdvancEd Accreditation Committee

CMASAS has been recognized as being in the top 5 of the 50 Best Online High School Diploma programs named by The Best Schools - an independent website which ranks schools on quality based on a number of criteria including accreditation, academic success rate, personal attention, and cost.

In addition to our personalized courses in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies, we have added to our extensive list of elective courses for high school.  While many online schools offer few elective options, we offer a wide variety of options based on student interest.  Check out the list of new courses available as of July 1st 2015 on our high school page.  

The CMASAS Difference: 

  • Students are placed into an Introduction to 21st Century Learning course upon enrollment to help prepare them for success in their online education.
  • Self-paced. Students have access to courses 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Courses end dates are determined by personalized pacing guide set up with input of student and instructor, not by arbitrary semester end dates.
  • Personalized Education. Students have the opportunity to complete assignments based on the learning style in which they learn the best. This approach takes a commitment from both the instructor and student to develop alternative assignments which cover the learning objective and concepts being taught.
  • Curriculum which is more than just reading and answering multiple choice questions, with assignments which allows students to show what they know in the learning style they prefer.
  • 1:1 student teacher interaction.
  • Instructor response within 24 hours and mostly same day (includes grading, assignment feedback and response to email/phone communications).
  • Mastery based assignments and assessments.
  • Extensive list of high school electives for students with varying interests.

CMASAS has a unique Personalized Educational Philosophy that is research-based and encompasses the whole student. Our proven Personalized Education model is effective and works with students. It is flexible, yet offers a rigorous course schedule. It is adaptable depending on student needs. If you have questions or a unique situation, contact us today to see how we can create a personalized enrollment plan for you.

Join our #myschoolmyway community.  See details on our Student Voice Page.

CMASAS Office Hours

 CMASAS staff provides exceptional service for our worldwide student population.  We do not use call centers to take incoming calls.  You will always speak with one of our highly qualified Personalized Education specialists to answer all your questions.

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