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CMASAS Celebrates 10 Years

14 Jun

CMASAS Celebrates 10 Years

Daisy and PEC Kids


For the past ten years, CMASAS has been dedicated to personalized education and fueled students' passion for learning. We've reached out to students and staff to share their favorite CMASAS memory. Want to share your memory, fill out the form here.

"One of my favorite memories with CMASAS was of the Oregon regional gathering in October of 2017. I met many students and staff for the first time! We picked pumpkins, enjoyed a hayride and adventured through a corn maze. I'd say it was a perfect day." - CMASAS Staff Member

"Christa McAuliffe gave my daughter the experience to go to Cuba in 2016 when access was restricted and the country was not overrun by tourists. She got to see Cuba in its most authentic state and I am thankful for that. Additionally, as a parent CMASAS gave us lots of flexibility to travel on our own schedule without being attached to a school schedule, and that has been very valuable in raising Michelle the way we would like." -CMASAS Parent

"My favorite memory was taking a virtual field trip to Paris with Mrs. Sandoval to see the Eiffel Tower and learning that the tower is wind resistant and will sway during a storm!" -CMASAS Student

"When me and McKenna were in the closet for breakout and McKenna screamed because she saw a spider under her chair." - CMASAS Student

"I like being in homeroom with my teacher and doing fun games and learning a lot. My favorite game we played with Mrs. Sandoval was either jepordy or Kahoot. Mrs. Sandoval is super nice and she is passionate about learning." - CMASAS Student

If you feel inspired by these stories and want to join our online community, schedule a complimentary personalized tour with us!