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Choose a Club, Get Involved, Meet Your Peers, Explore Your Passions

14 Apr

Choose a Club, Get Involved, Meet Your Peers, Explore Your Passions

Posted By: 
Kimberly White


Though it’s often difficult to encourage social growth in an online school setting, we have developed many opportunities to help students connect with their peers and explore their passions. One opportunity students have to connect with others is through our online clubs. These clubs have great attendance and many students have said that going to club meetings is their favorite part of the week.

Check out this list of the clubs that CMASAS currently offers. We encourage you to try one out!


High School Book Club

1st Tuesday of the month

12:00 PM MT

Contact dcheatham@cmasas.org

This club is perfect for literature lovers! We choose a book each month to each read individually and then use Goodreads as our forum to comment on our thoughts and opinions on our current read in between meetings. We meet once each month for an hour to discuss the book, characters, favorite quotes, setting, and plot in great detail. We often veer off topic and discuss other excellent books or authors we've been reading.

>Cooking Club

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

11:00 Am MT

Contact dcheatham@cmasas.org

This club started as a type of support group for those with dietary restrictions --vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw foods---but is open to all foodies and followers of any diet. We meet twice/month, and each meeting focuses on a different ethnic food and culture. Students talk through a recipe, go and make it, and then report back during the next meeting. We are currently working on writing our first cookbook together!

High School Music Club

Every other Thursday

2:00 PM MT

Contact dcheatham@cmasas.org

This club is run by two CMASAS students. They discuss genres, musicians, concerts, and their own musical endeavors, making sure to keep it all clean and appropriate!

High School Spanish Club

1st and 3rd Monday of the month

11:00 AM MT

Contact dcheatham@cmasas.org

Spanish club is open to students who have finished first year and up! We discuss fun and interesting cultural topics like festivals (La Tomatina), Spanish film & poetry, tapas, & dance. The club is conducted 50% in Spanish & 50% in English. It’s a great way to practice your conversational speaking skills.

Middle and Elementary School Spanish Club

Every other Monday

7:00 PM MT

Contact dcheatham@cmasas.org

This club is open to all students, irregardless of their Spanish speaking level & proficiency. We practice conversing in Spanish together, learn new vocabulary consistent with the week's theme, and touch on cultural topics like sports, food, holidays, & stories.

High School French Club

2nd and 4th Monday of the month

11:00 AM MT

Contact dcheatham@cmasas.org

French club is open to students who have finished first year and up! The club is run 50% in French & 50% in English. We discuss fun and interesting cultural topics like philosophy, poetry, and Francophone culture in the Antilles, Africa & Quebec. We just finished reading Le Petit Prince together, & it was a blast!

High School Italian Club

1st and 3rd Monday of the month

11:00 AM MT

Contact dcheatham@cmasas.org

Italian club is open to anyone who has an interest in the Italian language and culture. We learn a little Italian, practice basic conversational skills, and then spend the rest of the time focused on culture. We finish our discussions on The Sicilian Mafia & the origins of the Italian Opera most recently.

High School Arts Club

1st and 3rd Friday of the month

9:00 AM PST


Students in this club pursue so many topics of art, from performing art like dance and music, to visual arts like painting and sculpture, to applied arts like architecture and graphic design. Activities include: responding creatively to thematic prompts, development of club logos, some members participating in collaborative story creation, sharing of current individual projects by club members, members presentations or demonstrations of art techniques.

Science and Technology Explorers Club

2nd and 4th Friday of the month

Sometimes combined with the Arts Club

9:00 AM PST


Students who have a passion for or interest in a career in science or technology are encouraged to join this club. Students collectively choose topics of discussion, covering current events in science and engineering, recent developments in technology, and methods of inventing new products.

Social Club

Every Wednesday

1:00 to 1:30 PM PST

Contact  czimmerman@cmasas.org

Social Circle Club is a great way for students of CMASAS to get to know each other from different parts of the world. One student who is a part of the club says, “It's really exciting to be able to talk about what opportunities people have and how that effects their choice of hobbies and interests!” In online school there aren't many opportunities to get to know your classmates. The Social Circle is the perfect opportunity to make a connection with your peers! We meet once a week just to chat and make friends.

Meets once a month (times and days vary)


The College Bound Club is an incredible resource and fun social time for high school students planning on attending college. Students discuss issues related to college, such as college entrance exams, college essays, paying for college, testing (SAT/ACT), and anything else that might come up, like what to expect from college life. The club is sponsored by our school’s counselor Heidi Fox, who has endless resources and tools for college bound students.

Pet/Animal Studies Club

1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month

9:30 AM PST

Contact bbates@cmasas.org

Students K-6 are welcome in this club. Students discuss pets they have and explore different kinds of animals. There will be a new species of animal every month for students to learn about.