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Celebrating Diversity - Our Commitment to Anti-Bullying

11 May

Celebrating Diversity - Our Commitment to Anti-Bullying

Posted By: 
Kimberly White


What a privilege it is to serve such a diverse student body. CMASAS students and families come from dozens of different countries around the world, speaking different languages, practicing different cultures, devoting themselves to different religions and beliefs. Our students are vibrant, brilliant young people, each so perfectly unique in their own ways.

Because of the amazing mosaic that our online community is, CMASAS instructors and staff take protecting the diversity of our community very seriously. We cherish the diversity of our student body and our goal is that all students feel safe, secure, welcomed, cared for, included and connected to our unique online educational community.

We are committed to creating equal opportunity for all individuals in education. CMASAS programs and activities will be free from discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability or any other unlawful consideration.

Sadly many students come to CMASAS because they were victims of bullying or discrimination in other schools. Several students have shared about the horrific things they had gone through and are now saying that they feel so cared for, listened to, and grateful for the opportunities to succeed at CMASAS. Jenny Marshburn, a Personalized Education Coach and instructor, often talks about these issues with her students in their homeroom and has been very impressed by the mature discussions the students have as well as the respect and encouragement they have for one another.

Jenny shares about a specific time that her students talked together and shared their experiences around discrimination. The students together noted the importance of speaking out and expecting results when others are being bullied. “They pointed out and agreed that someone who knows that someone is being discriminated against or bullied and yet does nothing about it is just as guilty as the person doing the bullying,” says Jenny. “We all have a common responsibility to uphold the safety of ourselves and others and expect results.”

Students who feel that they are being bullied or know of a situation where another student is being discriminated against should know that they can expect a listening ear, actions and results from the CMASAS community. We do not want to be a school that allows bullying to occur and we will not sit by while others are being slandered or hurt. Our commitment as educators and fellow dreamers is that we all have the ability to share an environment where success can be reached by all. Know that CMASAS instructors and staff are always for you, the student. Together we can create fairness, promote equality, generate respect and live remarkable lives as a mosaic community.