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Celebrating CMASAS Diversity

21 Feb

Celebrating CMASAS Diversity

CMASAS is a global school, and we are proud of the fact that our students come from many different parts of the world. We were recently recognized by niche.com as one of the most diverse private high schools in the state of Oregon. 

The video chat feature in Microsoft Teams gives our students the ability to connect with their peers during club meetings and homerooms. As our students get to know each other, they are exposed to different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Here are a few examples of activities our students have done together to celebrate diversity:

"Students have led us on these awesome "virtual field trips" to the places they live in. This year we've taken trips to Saudi Arabia, Colorado and North Carolina! Not only has this exercise allowed us to learn about different places and cultures, but it also empowers the student immensely.”

“In Cooking Club we are always learning about foods and traditions around the world. We had a holiday cook-off in late November/early December and shared some traditional foods/recipes. A few of the meals that were made and that we learned about were pazole, kringla and hotteok. These foods come from Mexico, Sweden, and Korea.”

So who is CMASAS For? Our guidance counselor, Heidi Fox, explains it best during her opening remarks of the 2019 graduation ceremony:

Diversity is what makes CMASAS a unique learning community. We want to have an open and inclusive school, where everyone feels comfortable and accepted.

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