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Personalized Education


Our primary goal at CMASAS is to provide students with excellent online school courses that empower, inspire and prepare them to live remarkable lives. One of the ways we help set online high school students up for success is through Career and Technical Education Courses. These courses give online school students insight and in-depth training into numerous careers and skilled trades. In a series of blog posts we’ll be taking a look at several of these Career and Technical Education Courses, seeking to inspire students to take some these remarkable courses.

20 Sep

Course Highlight: Learn Web Design Skills and Practice Creativity


This week's Food For Thought comes from online school co-founder, Tamra Excell. Read more about Tamra and her mission to create a personalized education for all students on her website here. How much control do you feel over your own life? Are you in the driver’s seat, or do you feel like you are being taken for a ride?

16 Sep

The Respect We Give to Students


At CMASAS, we strive to touch the future by serving students in ways that encourage them to live remarkable lives. We believe that today, especially in the modern Western world, that children are the most overlooked and under-appreciated members of our society. Which is sad because children contain within them so much hope, imagination, kindness, tolerance, and optimism. With all of these natural qualities, children only need a bit of good direction and encouragement to make large positive impacts on the world around them.

13 Sep

Helping Kids Change the World


This week's message comes from school co-founder, Chris Geis. Chris lives with his wife, Linda, in sunny San Diego and travels throughout the country to meet with CMASAS students and staff. The most frequent question I hear from parents thinking about enrolling their children in CMASAS is “what makes us different from other online schools?” The quick answer is simple - it's the people - our instructors, Personalized Education Coaches, Administrative team - that separates us from the rest. After all, it is the connections that students make during their school years that are most memorable - even for students at a distance based online school.

09 Sep

The Human-Centered Approach to Learning


As teenagers go through a stage in life of exploration, self discovery and dreaming of the future, they'll look to many different sources to find ideas, validation, and support. Especially when it comes to deciding on and pursuing a career, teens frequently look to their parents. In fact, according to a study by Ferris State University, 78% of high school students say parents are their biggest career influence.

01 Sep

Tips For Parents on Career Coaching Their Teens


For the majority of our online school students, it’s back to school season! New school years and courses are an excellent time to start fresh, build good routines, practice great disciplines, and reignite passions for learning. Here are five back to school tips we’ve curated specifically for our online school students.

25 Aug

5 Tips for Back to Online School Success


Our primary goal at CMASAS is to provide students with excellent online school courses that empower, inspire and prepare them to live remarkable lives. One of the ways we help set online high school students up for success is through career and technical education courses. These 27 different courses are cutting-edge, rigorous and extremely relevant to the landscape of today’s professional careers.

23 Aug

Career and Technical Education Courses - Empowering Tomorrow's Work Force


At CMASAS, we not only strive to give children the best online education possible but we also seek to fully empower and care for our students in every sphere of their lives. This doesn’t mean that we can ensure that our students eat healthy meals or have good relationships with their siblings, but we do structure our enrollment programs, courses, and class work in ways that empower and aid students under many different circumstances.

15 Aug

New Enrollment Option for Students With Medical Needs


This week's Food For Thought comes from online school co-founder and designer behind the Personalized Education Group, Tamra Excell. As co-founder of CMASAS, it’s important to me that all students feel empowered when they begin at our school. One question we often ask students to think about then is "How do we define ourselves?"

12 Aug

Food For Thought - How Should We Define Identity & Use Labels?


Much more than simply an alternative to traditional classroom education, online school empowers students to think differently, dream bigger, and pursue futures of innovation and excellence. In a world that is becoming increasingly mobile, technologically based, and information heavy, our goal at CMASAS is not simply to help students keep up, but to push them to pave the way. One of the methods that this next generation is able to design a new way of living is through entrepreneurship. Here are three ways that online school empowers students to become entrepreneurs.

09 Aug

Online School Teaches Students Entrepreneurship