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Personalized Education

20 Apr

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06 Apr

Exploring School Options

Homeschooling. Online schooling. Private Schooling. Exploring different schooling options for your child can be stressful. Like Charlie-Brown-kicking-a-football kind of stressful. But before you throw your hands up and yell “Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!” we’ve put together a resource to help searching parents learn what their schooling options really are, and decide what is the best choice for their child.

On April 25th, educational researcher and co-founder of CMASAS Tamra Excell will be hosting a free webinar to help questioning parents and students discover the world of personalized education.

Through this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Discover the most important questions you need to ask first when considering your educational options

  • Explore what it really means to offer students a personalized education, and learn how to avoid bait-and-switch marketing tactics

  • Empower your child with the skills really needed to excel in our dynamic, modern world

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04 Apr

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