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Career and Technical Education Courses - Empowering Tomorrow's Work Force

23 Aug

Career and Technical Education Courses - Empowering Tomorrow's Work Force

Our primary goal at CMASAS is to provide students with excellent online school courses that empower, inspire and prepare them to live remarkable lives. One of the ways we help set online high school students up for success is through career and technical education courses. These 27 different courses are cutting-edge, rigorous and extremely relevant to the landscape of today’s professional careers.


Career and technical education (CTE) courses provide excellent insight into the world of work.

CTE courses provide an opportunity for exploration, so a student can get a good taste of what a profession or field of work is like. Some of the CTE courses we offer, like Introduction to Agriscience, are quite broad and provide a good overview of a professional industry. Other courses, like Web Design, provide very hands-on learning and equip online school students with practical tools and skills necessary for a career in that field. Thus CTE courses act as a launchpad for online school students moving towards a life goal or professional career.

Career and technical education courses act as stepping stones towards much more. 

Some teenagers have a good idea of what they are skilled at, passionate about, and interested in pursuing as far as a career. For these students, CTE courses are an exciting opportunity to dive deeper into their field of interest and gain practical knowledge that will put them one step closer to a dream job, career choice or path of higher education. CTE courses also look great on resumes and show college admissions counselors the depth and maturity that online school students possess, giving them a competitive edge that sets them apart from other students. CTE courses can also put students closer to receiving professional certifications that easily qualify them for high-skill and high-wage jobs.

Career and technical education courses teach online school students excellent life skills necessary to independent living. 

Leaving home to attend college or enter the workforce is a big step for every young person. Becoming independent and knowing how to care for oneself takes some preparation and basic equipping, which CTE courses can assist with. The Personal Finance course will teach students how to create a budget, manage credit, and make investments — skills that every sustainable individual should learn. Students who aspire to become parents and have a family would definitely benefit from taking Real World Parenting where they’ll learn vital steps a parent can take to create the best environment and life for their child. And our Life Skills course equips online school students with a wide range of skills like goal setting, personal care, and decision making.

Through CTE courses, personalized education and highly skilled instructors, we strive to enable every online school student to live a remarkable life of purpose, passion, sustainability, and joy.