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Bullying Statistics: Why Some Students Turn to Online School

13 Dec

Bullying Statistics: Why Some Students Turn to Online School

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Elon Musk had to be hospitalized in his school years after being thrown down a flight of stairs and beaten by a bully until he blacked out.

Singer Demi Lovato turned to homeschooling after long-term bullying incited self-mutilating behavior and multiple eating disorders as a desperate way to cope.

Keaton Jones’ recent cry for help regarding the daily verbal, physical, and emotional abuse he was encountering at school went viral, promoting celebrity support.

Why did Keaton’s story urge celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and Mark Ruffalo to reach out to him personally on Instagram and Twitter? Because most of us, at some point in our lives, knew (or know) on one level or another what it’s like to get bullied by a peer.

Bullying in traditional schools is more common than some know.

In his video entitled “Bullying Statistics,” Thavixay Senthavy, member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, says in school “77% of all students are bullied verbally”, “50% of all students fear harassment or bullying in the bathroom,” and “sixth graders are the most likely students to sustain an injury from bullying, compared to high school students.”

Bullying is one of the reasons some students turn to an online school like CMASAS to complete their education. Whether your dream is to revolutionize space technology like Elon Musk, launch a singing career like Demi Lovato, or just not have to fear getting milk and cold cuts thrown at you in the lunchroom like Keaton Jones, having a safe space to explore your unique genius is essential. And that is what we offer our students here at CMASAS: a space to grow, to learn, and to take control of their own education without fear of standing out or being different.  

How many of your lives have been affected by bullying?