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Building a Startup Community in Your City

27 Oct

Building a Startup Community in Your City

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Are you an online high school student itching to build your community and meet others with similar passions?

In his video “Building a Startup Community in Your City,” Dan Martell shares three tips that helped him do just that. First, create an event. Second, reach out to notable people. And third, play matchmaker.

Martell had just moved back to San Francisco, and wanted to grow his community of growth-minded entrepreneurs. So he compiled a list of notable people in his community, from new upstarts to established businesspeople and speakers. From there, he cold-called and emailed each one with an invitation to connect and participate in a community-building event he organized.

One of the most notable outcomes of this experiment was how Martell discovered that seasoned, noteworthy entrepreneurs were happy to share their experience with those just beginning. At the dinner, he was able to connect many guests with each other, creating a community fostering growth and aid for all.

While organizing an event like this may seem overwhelming, it can be worth it to expand and grow your community. As Martell says, “Live a bigger life.”

You never know what heights you can achieve with a network of like-minded people pushing you up.


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