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Building the Global Citizen in Online School

10 Sep

Building the Global Citizen in Online School

Posted By: 
Mark Guay

March 26, 2014, 3:53 p.m

We have had several decades of reassessment about the best approaches to educating our children. 

New technologies have delivered a plethora of options and abilities that that have given parents new options for educating their children. We have been offered the unique opportunity to become educated as global citizen's in today's quickly changing landscape, which requires this cross-cultural reality check. 

Powerful Reasons for Cultivating International Relationships 

Our students will be leading us into our future. Technology is shaping what that future will look like. Using tools such as webcams, virtual whiteboards, microphones, break-out rooms and all the advantages that support in - classroom teaching and learning, our kids can now enjoy full-classroom learning online. 

1) The freedom that students are offered through online learning gives them the ability to schedule classes and testing to better fit with other events such as play dates, dance lessons, music lessons, soccer practice, and even international online classmate meet-ups.

2) This approach is particularly attractive to families who travel out of country. Students can remain in and advance at their own pace within their school levels - work with others their own age, and even develop culturally enhancing relationships with students from other nations.

3) Live, personal instruction is also easily available in the online classroom. With asynchronous instruction students attend to lessons at their own pace, as well. Time zone differences become solvable math problems that evolve into setting appropriate international meet-ups and class timing

4) Kids can share desktops with international friends. They can share information, music, cultural trends, project collaborations and so much more.

5) >Teachers are also accessible through other means - including email, telephone, and Adobe Connect. A variety of curriculum options are employed. These include streaming video, online textbooks, and virtual labs.

International Relationships Foster Diplomacy and Education 

With online learning you have access to teachers from around the globe as well. Broad international connections build significant understanding and cultural education that clearly has the power to make a profound impact on the lives and minds of developing children. 

Teachers are accessible to students through other means as well.  A variety of curriculum options can easily be employed. The online school has incorporated best practices – this means using the approaches research and experience tell us work best. This is done in order  to better support students in becoming successful academically, personally, and even professionally.

Students attending an online school of arts and sciences utilize learning models that provide layers of support with educational experiences tailored specifically to each student’s goals, learning styles and interests. The result is an experience that best prepares them for the workplace and lifestyle they will actually be experiencing once they have entered the work force. 

Importance is always placed on critical thinking, creativity, personal empowerment, and purposeful living. Other advantages include:

  • Virtual labs and classrooms
  • Unprecedented foreign language-use opportunities
  • Unusually broad layers of educational support
  • Consistent access to educational best-practices

What better way to encourage international relationships for kids and young adults. These relationships can lead to international travel, unprecedented cultural education, and a faster pathway to speaking second - and even third languages.

We want to hear from you. Perhaps you have stories to tell, or comments and questions. We are here to support the online educational journey in any way we can and share best practices with you.