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Building Community with Jessica Posner

01 Nov

Building Community with Jessica Posner

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

What is a community? Is it the thirty-block radius where you live? The gaggle of friends surfing your social media feeds? Or is it every person who shares the same dream as you, even those you haven’t met yet?

Many of our students want their passions and their lives to have global impact. In her rousing speech at TEDx-MileHigh, Jessica Posner shares her story for how she and her now-husband Kennedy transformed an entire community in Nairobi, one of Africa’s largest slums.

Posner first visited Nairobi when she was still in college, becoming the first foreigner to take up residency there. There she met Kennedy. He made $1 a day, and had saved 20 cents to buy a soccer ball so the community could gather and play and discuss social issues. Before leaving to finish her senior year, Posner encouraged Kennedy to apply to her college. Though he had no formal education, he was accepted, and wound up graduating with honors.

Together, Posner and Kennedy returned to Nairobi, starting a school for young girls to help combat poverty and extreme gender inequality. They began programs for women to learn trades that would provide for their families, opened a community medical center, supplied clean water, toilets, and even an internet cafe so residents could learn the computer skills needed to compete in today’s age. When they asked the girls in their school to brainstorm problems their community faced and ways to help them, a pre-schooler suggested an adult education program so their parents could learn to read and write. So they made one.

The most beautiful part of Posner’s speech, however, was not all that she and Kennedy created. It was the far greater sense of community that was inspired within Nairobi, a rolling snowball she started that soon grew to be far bigger than just her and Kennedy. It was everyone. This is the power of building a community.

What dream do you have for the world? Jessica Posner proves that sometimes, all it takes is one person, one dream, or just one soccer ball, to change and unite an entire community.


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