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Building Community that Creates Exponential Impact

25 Oct

Building Community that Creates Exponential Impact

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

Nadav Wilf takes the TED-x stage to discuss passion and using it to create global impact in his TED Talk entitled: “Building Community that Creates Exponential Impact.” According to one of his teachers, Buddhist priest Yasuhiku Genku Kimura, “Passion is not something that you have, it’s what you are as a cosmic destiny.” Wilf views passion as the single most important factor toward creating impact and building a community.

According to Wilf, passion is something we don’t speak about enough as a society. He says, “At a cellular level: who you are is passion. And so when you’re living in your passion, you’re enlivened; you’re free. You’re attracting other people that are also living in that passion.” Living in your passion is unfortunately not as common as many of us would hope. Wilf notes, “A gallup poll taken in 2012 regarding the state of the work place in 142 countries showed that only one out of ten people are actually engaged in work.”

What Wilf proposes is using your passion to engage deeply within a community of like-minded individuals who will help you level up and grow your impact. He calls these “passion playgrounds.”  

What passion would you like to connect with others over?