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01 Aug

How to Prioritize When You Have ADHD

31 Jul

How to Say No

27 Jul

How to Stay Focused

25 Jul

Time Management for Students

24 Jul

How Military Children Can Prepare for Switching to an Online School

Switching to an online school can have a huge benefit for military children who relocate often. Having a school that moves with you wherever you go ensures that a student’s education, momentum, and connection to teachers and friends will continue uninterrupted. Here are five tips to help military children prepare for switching to an online school.

Tip #1: Become a research sponge. Learn about your options, and take time to absorb them. As Military One Source points out, “The more you know, the less anxious you’ll feel.” A simple online search for “Best Online High Schools” will yield many options to explore. Traverse school websites to figure out how they compare to your old school, and what features you can look forward to. Most online schools have a strong social media presence, so you can also check out reviews by reading student and parent comments made on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Tip #2: Call Ahead. Changing schools can be overwhelming, and a real-time conversation with an enrollment counselor can help answer any questions, and offer a better overview of the school’s ethos and offerings. Calling also gives you a good opportunity to discuss in greater depth certain classes, military discounts, or clubs you may be interested in. If you’ve already chosen your new school, call ahead to see if there's anything specific you need to do to get ready.

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20 Jul

How Long Deployments Affect School-Age Children

Serving in the military is one of the greatest honors one can choose to show their love for their country. As time goes on and the idea of starting a family comes into the picture, however, long deployments and constant travel can be very difficult, especially for children who yearn for consistency in their lives.

Some military children adjust well, while others may not. This is why we chose to write this blog post. Note that the research we share here may come across as shocking and that our intention is to help share information that may benefit children who struggle to feel grounded when parents serve long deployments.

There are many indications that a child may not be adjusting well. Perhaps you notice her eating and sleeping patterns shifting dramatically. Perhaps he begins to show uncharacteristic aggression toward himself or others. Perhaps your teenager becomes listless and stops caring about school, or your toddler suddenly clings tighter to you than a pair of kid’s pantyhose. If this carries on, it may mean your child is struggling to adjust.  

So how can you tell if long deployments are what is causing your child stress? The US Department of Veteran Affairs tells us: “Children's reactions to a parent's deployment vary by child, and more broadly, by a child's developmental stage, age, and presence of any preexisting psychological or behavioral problems. Very young children may exhibit separation anxiety, temper tantrums, and changes in eating habits. School-age children may experience a decline in academic performance, and have mood changes or physical complaints. Adolescents may become angry and act out, or withdraw and show signs of apathy.”

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13 Jul

The Power of Empathy

Hi Lydia, tell us a little about your passions outside of work.
13 Jul

Meet the Staff: Media Specialist Lydia Martin


Hi Shannon, tell us a little about your passions outside of work.

I'm very adventurous and love exploring this world! I've sailed oceans, surfed waves, climbed mountains, hiked trails, kayaked rivers, explored caves, rappelled cliffs, and just about anything else you can imagine. Except bungee—for some reason the thought of that freaks me out! I’m also a published author of Young Adult fiction and travel quite a bit speaking at book festivals, schools, and signing books.


What is your role at CMASAS?

12 Jul

Meet the Staff: Math Instructor Shannon Greenland

07 Jul

Unraveling Shame and Empathy with Dr. Brene Brown