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AP Course Request Application

AP Course Request Application

Please list any & all high school courses that would be pre-requisites to this particular AP course (i.e., any courses that would be relevant to this particular course)—you must also list the school where this course was taken, your instructor, & your final grade in this course: 

High School Courses Taken

Course #1
Course #2
Course #3
Course #4
Course #5
Course #6


Please provide a short (minimum 200 words) essay that answers and includes:

  1. Why you would like to take an AP course? (Please be very specific and explain why you would like to take this AP course.)
  2. What are your goals for taking an AP course?
  3. How you think this AP course will further your educational goals?

Please use your best grammar, spelling, research techniques (documentation), and writing skills, as they will be assessed in this essay. In addition, please address the following:

  1. Are you planning on taking the AP Test for this course? Why or why not? (Note: You are NOT required totake the AP test in May; you may take only the course, for credit, if you prefer.)
  2. Watch the video “Choosing Between Honors & AP Courses” and read the AP Application Process. Please explain in your own words the difference between AP & Honors courses here at CMASAS.
  3. Please list 3 references (preferably teachers/instructors in the subject area in which you would like to take an AP course—i.e., math, English, science, etc.) that we could contact to discuss your academic abilities to take & succeed in an AP course. Please include the reference name, email address, and phone number.