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Advice for Entrepreneurs with Tony Robbins

18 Sep

Advice for Entrepreneurs with Tony Robbins

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Kaitlyn Guay

Tony Robbins is a hugely famous businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and life coach. In his interview with @Entrepreneur, he reveals there’s three questions all entrepreneurs need to answer to be successful.

First, ask yourself: What business are we really in? When Steve Jobs asked the team at Apple this question, they answered: “Computers!” Jobs looked at them directly and said: “Well, then we’re sunk.” Because at that time, Microsoft dominated 98% of the computer industry. Apple had no chance to compete in that market. But once Jobs pushed the team to see the question differently, they realized their business was really connecting people to their passions: music, art, photos. And thus, the Apple titan was born. Without clearly delineating what their business was, Apple Computers would never have turned into Apple, now best known for their iPhones.

Second, ask: Who are you? Robbins explains there are three types of people who gravitate toward becoming an entrepreneur: The Artist, the Manager-Leader, and the Entrepreneur. The Artist has a product or a service they’re passionate about, but likely no marketing or financial/business know-how going in. The Manager-Leader is passionate about interconnecting people and working within the system to grow a product, but has no interest in the product itself. For these two, Robbins recommends teaming up to balance the scales toward a successful endeavor. Finally, the Entrepreneur is one willing to take risks, grow themselves, their own psychology, and their business savvy.

Finally, ask yourself: What’s next?

Robbins tells us, “When you work on the business-- not in the business-- when you realize there’s two business I gotta manage: the business I’m in and the business I’ve got to become.” Taking time to assess what’s needed in the moment as well as having a clear goal as to where you’re headed will accelerate your growth.

Here at CMASAS, our students experience a greater profusion of independence, flexibility, and creative problem-solving. It’s no wonder so many who come to us have an entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we invite you to take a moment and reflect upon these three questions. Ask yourself: what is your unique genius ? After all, as the Bard so famously said, “To thine own self be true.”