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5 Writing Tips for Online High School Students

09 Sep

5 Writing Tips for Online High School Students

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Jan 27, 2014 7:09:00 PM

Karen is entering her junior year in online high school at CMA-SAS. Besides being a budding violinist with aspirations of joining the symphony one day, she also wants to be a professional song writer. Her parents support her career decision and encouraged her to double her workload by taking several AP advanced courses during her first two years of high school in order to develop her analytical and writing skills. She's also joined a local poet's society and sought the help of an after-school writing tutor to help her polish her essay-writing and grammatical style. Although her schedule is extremely demanding, Karen never doubts that she'll have to work hard and sacrifice in order to get the life she wants after graduation.

Young athletes, musicians, and artists who take their talents seriously often pursue an alternative to traditional education at a high school. As a result, online high school has become a popular choice among many students as they strive for professional development outside of school.

One of the main components that contributes to a rich learning experience and a meaningful personalized education is the art of writing. Regardless of what a student plans to do after graduating, it's important to recognize how far quality writing can take an individual in their respective career choice. From college applications and resume writing to referrals and business plans, writing is at the heart of almost everyone's personal success story.

5 Writing Tips for Online High School Students  

• Embrace the Power of Brainstorming

Most talented writers don't write an award-winning first draft. Before an excellent paper can be written, thoughts must be organized and points must be properly structured. One way to achieve this is to catalogue your ideas and the flow of information inside your head. There's several effective brainstorming methods, including free-writing, traditional lists, outlining, and webbing. Those who pursue online studies have an advantage over most conventional students in this arena because this personalized education enables them to have more access to online writing resources.

TIP: Check out Evernote for a great cloud-based notebook and Mindnode for user-friendly mind mapping. 

• Become an Avid Reader

Talented writing goes hand in hand with lots of reading. In order to write more successfully, you need to read books and articles that will help strengthen your vocabulary, as well as make you well-versed on a variety of significant topics.

TIP: Check out Stephen King's book On Writing. 

• Don't Procrastinate

Good writing also demands preparation. As an online high school student, it's important that you develop good time management skills that you can carry with you into adulthood. This especially applies to writing. Give yourself time to draw conclusions and create drafts before an assignment is due. Otherwise, you'll end up rushing and making silly mistakes.

• Be Concise

Get straight to the point. Most audiences don't like wordy writing because it takes away from the core message of a document. Avoid being too verbose and cut down on the fluff in order to turn in a well-crafted paper.

• Ask for Feedback

Lastly, don't be afraid of feedback. Good writers understand the importance of being critiqued, as it makes them aware of their weakness and where they need to improve. Receiving honest advice from trusted sources helps you recognize what could be done differently and also what you're doing that works well.

It's no secret that the majority of online high schools offer a strong personalized education that takes students to new heights in academia. Exemplary writing falls into the grand scheme of things and will ultimately help you build the life skills needed in live an extraordinary life.