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5 Tips for Back to Online School Success

25 Aug

5 Tips for Back to Online School Success

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

For the majority of our online school students, it’s back to school season! New school years and courses are an excellent time to start fresh, build good routines, practice great disciplines, and reignite passions for learning. Here are five back to school tips we’ve curated specifically for our online school students.

1. Start setting goals - academic and personal

Goal setting is a great way to get back into the mindset of learning and achieving new things. Deciding upon priorities and setting goals will help students from getting too overwhelmed and will enable them to stay focused. Answering questions like, “what do I really want to learn,” or “what would I benefit most from achieving” is a great way for students to start determining and setting goals. It is also a great idea to write out a number of goals that pertain to online school as well as other areas of life such as exercising and socializing.

2. Get organized and stay that way

Creating a good environment or environments for online school students to learn from is essential to back to school success. Designating a specific room in the house, a certain desk and even a particular chair will help keep learning from becoming chaotic. Students should make sure they have plenty of room for their computer, books, and supplies. Labeling folders to organize notes and papers in is also a great idea, and creating electronic or desktop folders will help students stay organized both with online and paper materials.

3. Figure out a schedule or game plan

Even though online school provides lots of flexibility, it is a good idea for students to come up with a system for managing their time. Write down on a calendar other responsibilities and commitments like sports practices and volunteer hours, and then determine the best hours within the day and week to commit to studying. Figuring out a good time to go to bed and wake up will also help online school students feel rested, balanced and on schedule every day.

4. Determine rewards for success

After students have successfully reached a goal, completed an assignment or gotten through an excellent week - it’s a good idea for them to reward themselves with something fun, like an activity they are passionate for or a delicious meal. Determining what those things will be ahead of time builds anticipation and motivation. Scheduling vacations, weekend adventures, and fun outings throughout the year will also give online school students something to look forward to and work towards.

5. Get aquatinted with instructors and personalized education coaches

Before students decide to start on their school work they should take some time to really understand what their courses will entail, what they’ll get to learn, and what will be expected of them. Students are encouraged to reach out to their instructors and respond to their introductions, as getting to know their coaches and teachers will help them feel comfortable and at ease when classes begin.

We hope these tips will be helpful to online school students and will empower them to have an excellent return to school.