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5 Simple Steps to Transfer a Transcript to another Online High School

19 Oct

5 Simple Steps to Transfer a Transcript to another Online High School

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When transferring to a new online high school, one of the most important factors is to make sure all of the student’s transcripts are transferred. Luckily, at CMA-SAS, it's incredibly easy for students to transfer mid-semester because transcripts make it easy to slide into session. It happens all the time. 

Transferring transcripts between online high schools is done in much the same way as at traditional brick-and-mortar schools. The following five essential steps should be taken to make sure the new school receives all relevant transcripts.

  • 1.  Keep Excellent Records
    Each time the child moves to a new school, the parent should retain a copy of the student’s transcripts for their own records along with the name, address, and attendance dates of the school. The parent may provide a copy of these records to the new school for reference, but the school must also receive an official copy directly from each school attended.
  • 2.  Contact the New School
    Often times, the new online high school may be able to request the records directly from the student’s previous schools. If so, the parent will need to provide contact information and attendance dates for all previous schools and sign a release of records request. If not, the school will provide contact information for where the official transcripts should be sent.
  • 3.  Contact All Previous Schools
    If the new school is not willing to request the student’s records from all previous schools, the parent needs to contact each of the student’s previous schools directly. Each school will require a signed release of records request which can be provided in person, through email or fax. At this time, the parent should request official transcripts be sent directly to the new school as well as a copy for their own records if necessary.

  • 4.  Follow Up
    Check periodically with the new school to ensure they have received all official transcripts. If any are missing, the parent should contact the school directly and inquire. The best online schools will make sure to reach out to you and make this transition simple and enjoyable. This actually can be a beautiful time to get to know the students' parents and learn more about the best way to help the student learn.
  • 5.  Compare With Personal Records
    Once all of the official transcripts have been received and reviewed by the school, it may be necessary to compare them with the parent’s personal records. It is always best to address any errors or inconsistencies early on.

Transferring to a new online high school does not have to be a daunting task. Many times the staff at the new school is very helpful and willing to work with both parents and students. Take advantage of their help, as they can sometimes help expedite records requests and to make sure all classes are accounted for.

Students have enough to worry about without adding in the stress of switching to a new online high school. Involved parents are the best advocates for their children. By following these five easy steps, parents can ensure a smooth, successful transition to a new online high school for their student.