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5 Reasons an American Accredited High School Diploma Helps International Students

08 Sep

5 Reasons an American Accredited High School Diploma Helps International Students

Posted By: 
Mark Guay

Dec 18, 2013 5:23 pm

A growing number of international students are choosing to study in the USA via online virtual schools. Populous countries such as China and India have so many students that not all can get into universities in their native country. To illustrate just how important it is to earn international qualifications in secondary school, consider the following story.

A Tale of Two Students

Both Student A and Student B attend primary school in their native country. Student A applies to a secondary school in their native country. Student B applies to a secondary school online in the United States. When it comes time to apply to university, Student B already has valuable international experience, which makes it easy for him to get accepted to an American university. Student A also applies to an American university, but is required to take an English proficiency exam. Choosing to pursue an international qualification can help you if you choose to attend an American college or university.

5 Reasons an American Accredited High School Diploma Helps International Students

  1. Demonstrated English Proficiency. Foreign students that apply to American colleges or universities are required to prove that they have sufficient English language ability to participate in an English language education. The easiest way to do this is to obtain an accredited high school diploma, which is accepted as proof of English proficiency. Otherwise, students will be required to take an English proficiency test, which will require additional money and time to study for the test and pay for it.
  2. Better Job Opportunities. Students who study in the USA have a better chance of getting a job and working in the USA. Some student visas permit the opportunity to work in the USA for up to one year after completing a degree program. Students who have studied in the USA for secondary school can demonstrate even more cultural and lingual proficiency. Furthermore, having a US education can also help if a student chooses to stay in their native country, as studying under another education system demonstrates globally relevant skills.
  3. Cultural Competence. Learning about another culture opens one’s mind to a new way of thinking and experiencing the world. However, studying in an accredited American diploma program will do more than help a student to think globally, they'll experience a global education firsthand. This newly developed cultural competence will help a student succeed in their own country.
  4. Competitiveness. Statistics show that as many as 30% of international students have studied abroad. Gain a competitive edge by studying abroad for not only higher education, but secondary education. In the future, the number of students that study abroad will greatly increase and it's important for every student to have as much international experience as possible to set themselves apart from students in their country and abroad.
  5. Quality. Perhaps the most important reason that many international students choose to pursue an accredited American diploma are the rigorous standards that American education adheres to. Students who pursue an American education know that they will be treated fairly and equally and provided with an objective education by highly educated faculty.

Throughout this process, it's important to remember why accreditation is important. Accredited schools are held to a high academic standard. Attending an accredited school is required for acceptance to many American colleges and universities. An accredited high school diploma proves that a student has the academic ability to handle college-level courses.

Have you ever considered pursuing an education in the USA? What are some reasons that you would pursue a high school diploma at an accredited American school?