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5 Crazy Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

05 Sep

5 Crazy Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

Posted By: 
Kaitlyn Guay

ADULTING. We hate it, but we still have to get things done. In their video “Five Crazy Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done”, YouTube sensations @HowToAdult show us how to Adult better, all in under four minutes.

Step One: Make the Distinction Between a Task and a Project. For example, running a 5K is a project, while putting your gym bag in your car or scheduling a time to run three times a week is a task. Tasks are the little things you need to do to complete your larger project. Stressing over how much time it will take to write out all the action-steps it will take to reach your goal? @HowToAdult tells us “Just the act of writing down your tasks and goals makes you more likely to accomplish them.”

Step Two: Daily Lists. Every morning, write down things that have to get done that day. You can also write down “If-I-Have-Time” tasks to get to when the important things are checked off.

Step Three: Cut Out Distractions. Ever started off looking for an instructional video on YouTube to help you complete a project, then found yourself three hours later randomly ensconced in baby elephant montages? @HowToAdult tells us there’s many simple ways to cut out distractions without relying on your 3pm waning self-control. You can turn off your router, or use programs like Freedom which blocks your internet connection for a specific amount of time, or BlockSite, which blocks your access to specific sites when you really need to get stuff done.

Step Four: Breaks and Rewards. You’re not a machine, so be sure to give yourself breaks and little rewards throughout the day to keep you from burning out early. @HowToAdult recommends using The Pomodoro Technique: “It involves setting a timer for a certain amount of time, say 30 or 90 minutes, and taking breaks between each session.”

Step Five: Have a Compelling “Why.” Knowing WHY you’re doing something makes it easier to soldier on when you hit a bump in the road or are working on an overwhelming project. @HowToAdult says to remind yourself of your “why” when you feel like giving up. “As Eleanor Roosevelt says, you must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

What tips and tricks do you use to stay on top of life and harness your unique genius? Adulting may be about banalities and responsibility, but it’s also about choice. By taking control of their schooling, our personalized education students know that there is tremendous value to owning your future. As @HowtoAdult says, “Adulting isn’t just about taxes and DMV lines, it’s also about choosing the things that are important to you, looking forward to those things, and saying-- to quote Captain Jack Sparrow-- bring me that horizon!”