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5 Benefits of Student Travel (The Perks of Being an Online High School Student)

10 Sep

5 Benefits of Student Travel (The Perks of Being an Online High School Student)

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Jun 6, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Josh is sophomore enrolled in online high school. He's a budding cellist who finds the e-learning curriculum to be more in tune with his demanding practice schedules for the local youth symphony than a traditional academic institution. Although he's looking forward to the end of another semester, there's also a burning desire to temporarily get away from the familiar and explore new territory. 

One of the counselors at Josh's school advised him to check out a student travel program that would allow him to go abroad for the summer in exchange for high school credit. Thrilled by the opportunity at an educational get-away, he applied to the program and was eventually accepted. Josh's family and friends have wished him well, and he's planning to start his adventure as soon as he wraps up his coursework for the semester. 

What You Need to Know about Student Travel 

Today's youth have access to some of the most advanced features and applications, especially those who are enrolled in online high school. With this kind of mental stimulation, it's important for students to stay in an environment that's conducive to their intellectual level, as well as their craving for excitement. Student travel opportunities make the most of educational ventures for young adults and teach them what it means to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. 

Studying abroad provides individuals access to guided tours, team-oriented activities, creative project-building, and more. Numerous programs enable students to become youth ambassadors or representatives with similar responsibilities. The advantages are worthwhile, giving participants the right to earn high school credit and also a competitive edge in future academic pursuits or career prospects.  

5 Reasons Why Student Travel is Beneficial 

1. Cultural Immersion

There's a huge difference between reading about the world and experiencing the world. Student travel makes it possible to embrace other cultures and customs firsthand. 

2. Empathy - Expanding Horizon

Once students are submerged into a new world beyond their daily surroundings, a new appreciation and depth of feeling occurs. Participants involved in studying abroad become more tolerant of others' actions and viewpoints as their perspective on life becomes larger. 

3. Builds Stronger Identity 

Individuals who get the chance to travel abroad for educational purposes tend to grow a deeper level of self-awareness. They know who they are and what they want because they've been exposed to a wider circle of people and complex learning. 

4. Bring the Textbook to Life

Student travel requires individuals to look beyond standard classroom environments and think past the material that textbooks have to offer. Participants enjoy real-life experiences that teach them how to think on their feet and outside of the box. These situations ultimately lead to excellent leadership skills, among other admirable qualities. 

5. Experience the New World of Business 

Lastly, online high school students who choose to embark on student travelling have a vast range of opportunities in business within their reach. International prospects in the world of enterprise is continuously evolving, and only those who learn to develop with it reach their full potential. Take advantage of the chance to explore commercial advancements and how these new growths impact the decisions of those looking to make their mark in a profitable industry.