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4 Ways That Online School Differs From Homeschool

13 Jun

4 Ways That Online School Differs From Homeschool

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

While searching for the best educational option for their child, many parents and guardians may become confused about the differences between homeschooling and online school. Though there are many similarities between the two options like the student learning from the home and formulating their own schedule, there are also many key differences and benefits to online school.

Here are four ways that CMASAS is different from homeschooling.


1. Student Life

Every student, especially junior high and high schoolers, desires an opportunity to socialize with peers. CMASAS offers opportunities for student socialization that brick and mortar homeschool systems would not. It is important to teachers and administrators at CMSAS to develop personal relationships with our students and families. We do everything we can to create a culture that’s neighborly and personal, making our interactions with students fun and relational. Several times each year we host regional gatherings where students and families enrolled in CMSAS can join to socialize in their local city or town. This allows students to hang out with others who are enrolled in the school and hopefully meet face to face with the peers who they interact with online. We also host a High School graduation ceremony each year as a celebratory culmination of all of the accomplishments that our graduates have made. Additionally, beginning in April 2016, CMASAS will begin a program called Student Travel, where students can take national and international trips with their teachers and peers.  Our first trip will be a 9 day exploration of Cuba, experiencing the nation’s culture, conservation efforts, and vibrant art. We are excited about this new program and can’t wait to plan many more trips with our students.

2. Accreditation 

CMASAS transcripts are recognized and accepted worldwide through our accreditation with NWAC and AdancEd. CMASAS will also assist students and families with providing documentation to state or district agencies to satisfy requirements for choosing an out of state private school. CMASAS courses are also approved and accepted by the NCAA Elligebility Center for student athletes wishing to participate in collegiate sports. Our curriculum and accreditation allow parents or guardians to not have to create their own curriculum or go through the hassle of proving their homeschooled child’s education to government agencies and institutes of higher education. 

3. Credentialed instructors

Differing from homeschool families, CMASAS instructors don’t have to play the role of both parent/guardian and teacher. Wearing both hats can be very challenging for some homeschooling parents. Our credentialed teachers enjoy developing and engaging in personal interactions with their students but also have a very professional outlook on their role as teachers and commitment to educating. CMASAS instructors prepare curriculum that matches the specific needs of each student while also maintainingacademic progress requirements, evaluating student work, and acting as an advisor to students and parents. Knowing that their student can receive instruction from several credentialed, highly educated and passionate teachers is reassuring to many families who are seeking great online education as an alternative to homeschooling.

4. Structure yet flexibility 

CMASAS offers a structure for each course and semester that students and instructors stay accountable to, including assignment due dates and a standard grading system. This keeps students on track to advancing in grades and graduating in an expected and scheduled time, which is something that many homeschool families struggle with. Still, students enrolled in online school have the flexibility to create a nontraditional daily school schedule, so that they still have plenty of time to pursue ther passions. Thus CMASAS offers the best of both worlds in structure and flexibility, meeting each student’s individual needs and goals.

Have more questions about the differences between homeschool and online school and what CMASAS offers? Please never hesitate to contact our office, we would love to help.