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4 Ways Online School Can Help Stressed-Out Students

07 Jun

4 Ways Online School Can Help Stressed-Out Students

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

School can be stressful, especially if the school’s curriculum, classes and programs do not match each student’s learning style, goals, interests, and personalized needs. At CMASAS, we strive to create stress-free, personalized education that empowers each student.

Here are four reasons why an online school can help minimize a student’s stress.

1. Students can develop their own routines.

With online school, students do not need to be in the classroom from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon, like most traditional school systems. Instead, each student can develop their own routine and schedule. For instance, what if a student is not a morning person or really struggles to stay focused in the afternoon? With online school, students can choose the time of day that is best for them to perform their studies.  Or let’s say a high school student is training to be a professional ballerina and has a desire to take classes with other professional dancers for a few hours every morning. With online school courses, she certainly could, as she would simply develop her own routine of doing course work at other times throughout the week.

2. Students can work at their own pace.

For some students, being forced to learn at a specific pace can be very challenging and stressful. Perhaps a student takes a little bit more time to grasp mathematical concepts than a teacher in a traditional school would be willing to take. Or maybe a student has a great memory and remembering facts for a history class takes them no time at all. With online school classes, students are able to choose how much time they devote to classes and assignments, and thus can study at their own pace. This makes learning easier to manage, less stressful and more well rounded.

3. Students can choose the environment where they study.

So many distractions might exist in a traditional classroom setting which could easily make learning in that environment very stressful for some students. Whether a student needs complete silence or a little bit of noise, bright light or soft light, a comfy chair with pillows or a simple stool, each individual online student can choose where they perform their studies. Online school students can study in an airport, at Starbucks, in their bedroom or their parent’s office, wherever they are most comfortable and can learn the best.

4. Students can study their passions.

>Many students in traditional schools can quickly become bored with some classes or simply aren’t being challenged in others, which could create feelings of frustration, apathy and stress. Though there are still a few classes that online school students simply have to take in order to graduate, students of CMASAS are given so much more freedom to study the things that interest them most. Honors classes allow students to work with their instructors to develop projects that affect their real world passions, their communities, and their goals. Similarly, Student-Designed courses allow online school students to create elective classes that interest them such as surfing, fashion design or song writing.

The true spirit of online school helps students to re-engage in their academics and become passionate about learning again. With self-paced, mastery-based personalized learning styles of online education, students do not need to battle stress but can actually enjoy school. At CMASAS our biggest desire is to provide online schooling that empowers students to be stress-free, healthy and passionate people.