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4 Reasons Online High School Helps the Bullied Child

08 Sep

4 Reasons Online High School Helps the Bullied Child

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Dec 9, 2013 6:00:00 AM

A Day in the Life of a Bullied Teen

A tall, shy boy with braces enters his history class on the first day of school. He's just moved to the area, and he's nervous about what the new experience will bring. As a sophomore in high school, he's intelligent with strong musical skills and feels capable of taking on the workload. However, he's still wary of leaving behind the only friends he's known since elementary school and befriending strangers.

The teacher takes roll. She pronounces his name incorrectly, and he crumbles underneath his embarrassment as some of the "cool kids" laugh in the back of the room. After class, the group follows him to his locker, calling him names and knocking things out of his hands along the way. He skips the next two classes, as well as lunch period, and hides in the library, thinking of ways to navigate through what he knows will be a tough semester.

Unfortunately, this scenario represents the lives of more high school students in traditional school settings each year. Many teenagers, regardless of their location or personal background, are terrified of being picked on by individuals who appear stronger and more popular than them. Being bullied eventually damages their self-esteem, their grades, and their will to develop meaningful connections with others.

How Online High School Can Help

Numerous parents have found that online high schools are a great alternative to public high schools, providing strong course schedules and a firm foundation that helps youth excel in their studies. Most of these institutions adhere to the rules of state public schools, but generally establishes it's own academic calendar. Some still have monthly or quarterly classes while others allow students to set their own academic schedule.

Four Benefits of Online High Schools

1. Advanced Services

In addition to mandatory classes, several online high schools also feature college preparatory courses that offer college credit. Many of them even have areas of specialization, such as fine arts or technology. Advanced placement honors courses and emphasis on a certain skillset helps students progress faster than their counterparts at local public high schools and increase their chances of nurturing a successful career after graduation.

2. Freedom to Learn at Own Pace

Some students work better when they have their own schedule. Online high schools enable teenagers to discover what times are more agreeable to them when it comes to studying and completing assignments. This ultimately prepares them for future college life when setting a study schedule becomes crucial to their performance and chances of getting a degree in their chosen field.

3. Personalized Instruction

Online schools provide more intimate settings as well. Students have the advantage of working more closely with their instructors and forming mentorships built on trust and open dialogue. They're more likely to handle constructive criticism better and receive honest feedback that's useful to them on their academic journey.

4. Technology-Oriented

In an era where computers basically rule the world, it's important for students to get an early grasp on how the information age plays a vital role in their lives. Online high school enrollees generally tend to be more tech savvy, knowing how to juggle emails, online forums, social networks, application installations, and other virtual features that enrich their learning experience.

Avoiding problematic social settings may not always be easy for teenagers, but online high schools seem to provide some light at the end of the tunnel for many youth. Consider the facts about this alternative to determine if it's compatible with the interests and abilities of a student who deserves a bully-free academic environment.