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3 Ways Professional Teen Athletes Benefit from Online High School

08 Sep

3 Ways Professional Teen Athletes Benefit from Online High School

Posted By: 
Mark Guay

Parents of professional teens understand how nerve wracking it can be as they attempt to juggle their teen’s education with their growing professional responsibilities to their sports endeavor.  So whether their gifted child is an up-and-coming musician, an athlete or a skilled surfer - obtaining a quality education is a challenge. Enter personalized education and online school. With the advantage of online high school your professional teen can benefit in the best of both worlds. 

No more being hog-tied to a traditional school environment where you have to worry about making up classes or tests that your child missed because he or she was away on a sporting commitment or a professional gig. Online high school solves that dilemma and offers the ultimate convenience for your special gifted child

1. More Focused Learning

The advantages of online high school learning are tremendous. For example:
•    No competition to be heard by the teacher or ignored by the teacher
•    Clear expression of your ideas, or school work responses
•    Educational classroom supports are more accessible
•    Social  or cultural stigmas are eliminated as well as the discomfort of feeling different or treated with some sort of bias and prejudging>

2. 24-Hour Learning

Gone is the tremendous pressure to fit educational classroom work into a six-hour learning window. Your child does not have to compete against his classroom school time when he is training for a professional event.  Both the event and the learning environment can literally work hand in hand.

What it means for the parent is the nervousness of scooping up the teen for an event, or waiting around for the school work or assignments to be completed.  Pressure and stress are totally eliminated as is the traditional school bell.  Remember the classroom is truly a 24-hour window which allows the student to study in the morning as well as complete the lessons in the evening or at night instead of being done in 42-minutes!

3. Online Socialization

Many parents may be concerned about how online high school may be depriving their child of the social interaction that their counterparts might be receiving.  That worry is not an issue, because not only are their professional teen children interacting with other professional teens, they will also be drawn to teens of similar skills and interests in their online high school experiences.

In addition, the world of high school is not as limited as it may have been before the advent of social media like Facebook and Twitter.  Now, students can communicate with their neighborhood friends as well as professional friends on a daily basis without missing a beat.  In fact, most teens spend more time on Facebook and Twitter than communicating in a classroom setting.

Parents who want to guarantee that their professional teen receives the benefits of a quality education without sacrificing their skills, may want to consider online high schools.  This is the perfect option for both student and parent to insure that success will be realized in education and in their professional career.