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3 Ways Online High School Builds Empathy

10 Sep

3 Ways Online High School Builds Empathy

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Apr 14, 2014 6:00:00 AM

We are seeing education across all grade levels take to the Internet, and for good reason.  There are a lot of tried and true benefits to learning in an online environment.  When students learn online, they are exposed to learning in the digital age.  For those entering the workforce, chances are they are going to have to know how to communicate effectively online with people around the world.  Going through an online education program in high school and beyond will teach the skills necessary to succeed from a rhetorical standpoint.

Learning to Adapt to People of Different Backgrounds and Cultures

Learning in an online environment is going to allow individuals to be exposed to people of all different backgrounds and cultures.  In the digital age, a girl may be in a class with with peers that are thousands of miles away.  She may be having a conversation with someone who lives in a city, while she has more of a rural background.  These types of conversations help students learn to adapt to different backgrounds and cultures of individuals they will come across in the global marketplace.

Building Empathy Across Borders 

It is not enough to learn to adapt to people, students need to understand the way they think.  When that same student can understand an individual’s culture to the point where she can predict what they are thinking, it is then that rhetorical skills can come out.  It is all about exposure to the different personalities.  No two people think alike and when a student is learning online, this is taken to a whole new level.  

Improving Communications Skills

Communication skills are built at great lengths in an online high school environment.  From a rhetorical standpoint, students are going to learn to communicate in a way that they will persuade one another to their viewpoints.  Having rhetorical skills either verbally or via technical writing are tremendous traits to have.

Verbal rhetorical skills are all about persuading via speech.  In an online environment, students will communicate via digital chat rooms.  He or she will be communicating with fellow students across the country to go over topics the class is discussing.  This interaction is what allows the verbal skills to be built.

Online education also helps build rhetorical skills via technical writing thanks to digital forums and other digital facets of the classroom.  A student will learn to make their points via concise writing online.  This will help them get their point across without wasting time with long-winded answers.

Online education is all about students taking the initiative to get the attention of their peers.  This can be done verbally online or via technical writing.  Visual content could also come into play to show their true rhetorical skills.  In the end, online education is all about bringing together students of all different backgrounds with the goal of learning a specific topic.  Students are going to tackle the topics in different ways and this makes for a much more innovative and ever-evolving learning experience for all involved.