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10 Apps That Make Screen-Time Educational & Fun

01 Oct

10 Apps That Make Screen-Time Educational & Fun

Posted By: 
Kimberly White

From the youngest age, children of this generation are presented with more modes of technology than ever before, as most American households have multiple tablets, computers, cell phones and televisions at their disposal. Though each family and child is different, a San Francisco based nonprofit Common Sense Media, which studies screen time of children from birth, found that children under eight years old were spending about two hours a day in front of a screen.

As an online school, CMASAS promotes learning through technology and our curriculum for online elementary school blends several elements of technology with printed hands-on materials as well. Fortunately, technology is a powerful teaching tool and the available online resources are endless! To balance screen time with learning many parents and educators are turning to web based games as a source for their children to engage in technology in a fun yet stimulating way.  Hundreds of educational apps exist, so children are bound to find a few that they can enjoy playing with and learning from. These 10 apps are a short list of our favorites. We invite parents to try out these games with their kids. Let’s together touch the future and use screen time to challenge and inspire our kids.&

Squeebles Spelling Test

With this app, parents can personalize spelling tests for their child by inputting the specific words that the student needs to learn, recording the words in their own voice. Pre-curated spelling tests can also be downloaded as children master words and advance to more difficult spellings. When students spell words correctly, they earn points towards a game that rescues cute little creatures called Squeebles, giving them fun incentives to advance in their words.

Splash Math

With apps for grades K through 5, Splash Math teaches a wide range of math skills from addition and subtraction to multiplication, fractions, decimals and geometry. Though the apps are grade specific, online school students can choose to use these games to jump between different levels of math skills, allowing them to further practice the areas they need support in. And with vibrant graphics and ocean themed storylines, the apps give students an engaging and livel game play experience.

Sushi Monster

Like old-school flash cards, this addition and multiplication drilling game encourages online school students to recognize patterns and sums quickly and efficiently. Kids must make quick choices between a series of numbers on the sushi counter to create the correct sum or product that will keep the sushi monster fed and less angry. As students earn points for each correct answer, the problems become more advanced and learning progresses.

Endless Wordplay

Join the Alphabot in learning spelling patterns and phonograms. Through rhyming word puzzles, online school students can make letters come alive in a fun and interactive spelling lesson. This game is designed with younger children in mind, eliminating the stressors and pressure of point systems or failures.


This brilliant kid-friendly news app helps young online school students become global-thinkers, keeping readers up to date on relevant current events. New-O-Matic presents daily news issues with stories, images, videos, and puzzles about current news stories. Children can advance their reading skills in a fun way while staying up to date on world events, scientific discoveries, sports achievements, and wacky occurrences.

Counting Bills & Coins

With this app, online school students can learn real life financial skills while also practicing math skills like addition and subtraction. Players will learn to identify coins and bills and their values while practicing how to make a dollar amount, create change, match funds, and show values.


Explore Earth's habitats and its many wonderful creatures while traveling around the world in the company of the friendly scientific robot Geo. Players will learn fascinating facts about animals and their habitats, collecting trivia cards and going on missions. Students will not only learn about animals but also humanity's great responsibility of caring for and interacting with the earth, animals, and plants.


This game is all about encouraging online school students to be creative and think outside the box. Young inventors will learn principles of physics like air, fire and magnetism. They will be challenged to solve problems, receiving rewards in the form of parts and tools which can then be creatively used to craft their own original inventions.

Frontier Heroes

In dozens of mini-games, players will engage in American history, learning the narratives, people, and facts about exciting eras like the California Gold Rush and the pre-Colonial days. Online school students will love working their way through challenges, discovering what life was like in early American days.


Much more than paint by numbers, PlayArt teaches online school students the elements of fine art by famous artists like Claude Monet, Henri Rousseau, and Vincent Van Gogh. Children can watch videos about the lives and works of these artists and then create their own masterpieces based off of timeless treasures in the art world.