CMASAS Academics


Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences is a fully accredited Kindergarten - 12th grade online school. We offer the best educational opportunity for children on the go. Whether students are in the entertainment industry, competitive sports, being bullied in traditional school, or just looking for an alternative from the typical 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. school grind, many students have found CMASAS is the right choice for their educational needs. Read and watch what our students and parents are saying about their experiences with a CMASAS education. You can find both parent and student testimonials and watch student video's about why CMASAS is the right choice. We offer a fully personalized learning experience for each and every student. We provide the most flexibility to match your student's needs with a enrollment option to fit your budget. Choose from our Platinum level enrollment, all inclusive unlimited level enrollment, our Gold level enrollment with our Personalized Education Coach (our most popular tuition level), or our Silver level enrollment enrollment options. All provide a personalized approach to learning in courses with exceptional communication from our dedicated, caring staff.

While our educational philosophy is consistent, we feel that students in the primary grades have different needs than those in middle school and high school. Students in middle school have many different needs and learning styles than high school students. At CMASAS we understand these differences and have designed three unique learning experiences for each level. Please visit our Online Elementary School, Online Middle School, and Online High School pages to find out more about each unique experience.

Looking for Individual Course enrollment options? Whether you are looking for one specific course, a foreign language course that isn't offered through your current school, or just want to try out a course prior to making a full-time commitment, our part-time courses come with all the benefits of our silver level full-time pricing, including our experienced, caring instructors, personalized attention, and flexibility to modify assignments based on your preferred learning style.